Renewable Energy

Teleaus powerlab team have massive experience in reliable renewable energy system design from proposed network connection studies to different type of assessments like steady state, dynamic & power quality assessments. We have experience and capability to design projects which involves renewable generation, transmission, and distribution.

Renewable engergy
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Teleaus has a standalone engineering and technical consultancy capability to meet customer expectations. Our resources are highly experienced in site installation, commissioning, configuration, testing and migration works


Teleaus is able to ramp up to extensive project volumes.

Business case development for renewable energy

Feasibility assessment

Steady state assessment

Dynamic assessment

Power quality assessment

Grid connection negotiation

Renewable engineering and project management

Substation design

Earthing design

Power system analysis & connection studies

Power plant design

Power line and cable design

Design and modeling with all relevant software

Delivery Strategy

Teleaus is able to ramp up to extensive project volumes.

  • Dedicated experienced Teleaus delivery team
  • Overall management of HSE requirements
  • QA & Acceptance
  • Wa rehousing space in each state
  • Regular reporting to stakeholders
  • Early identification of issues
  • Early management of site access

Featured Projects

Teleaus is able to ramp up to extensive project volumes.