Field Engineering

TELEAUS Field Engineering Services bring together specialists in Network Survey, Activation, Network Commissioning & Integration and Troubleshooting in FTTx, HFC Wireless and Mobile network domain. Field Engineering team provides the following core services:

Survey & Field Scoping

TELEAUS has strong experience in survey and scoping of FTTx, HFC, Fixed, Wireless, and Mobile Networks. We offer activities starting from cable pathways & device locations in street network, equipment placement inside customer premises, wireless network drive test, Fibre connectivity in exchange, power system and many more. TELEAUS is particularly expert in dealing with both residential and commercial multi-dwelling units, such as apartment buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial premises.


Our expert technicians are involved in the activation of last-mile connectivity in customer premises. We have a footprint in NBN FTTx, Telstra Wideband and HFC activation; household and business broadband connections

Network Commissioning & Integration

Essential network installations and Integrations are many and varied, and Teleaus’s project managers engage local contractors to do the lot. Typical commissioning includes but not limited to commissioning & integration of FTTN and HFC nodes, DWDM and MUX in Transit and Distribution network, Transmission of mobile towers.

Network Troubleshooting

We provide service on troubleshooting in a live network. Our core areas of these services are HFC device optimization/replacement, FTTx network Fiber and Copper splicing, HDODF patching and termination, Fault handling of Active equipment, DC power system, etc.


We also provide land access service for telecommunication construction both for NBN broadband (CLAAN, SLAAN, LiFD1, LiFD2, PAR, CAR) and Mobile base stations (Property acquisition, Commercial negotiation, LAAN preparation, Co-location process).