Create to connect

Create to connect

Zahangir Alam, CEO of Teleaus with his two sons

TELEAUS successfully conducts business in significant marketplaces like Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and Bangladesh. For us, it is the start of something extraordinary, but we want to take a long walk. We believe the mark of TELEAUS will be in more countries soon if we keep working like this. 

We offer multi technologies Design, Construction & Consultancy services, Engineering Field Services, Telecommunications Engineering, business solutions and services including Engineering Project Consultancy, Complete Business Solutions, business software development, Spatial Data Engineering, Geospatial Engineering, Professional Services, Vendor Partnership, Business Process Outsources (BPO) through its unique delivery model for clients. 

Our company has substantial experience designing various cable and wireless network infrastructures, including Fiber, IEN/NGN, Wideband, Wireless, and Mobile Networks. TELEAUS Geospatial engineering team is highly capable of Spatial OSP and ISP modelling and producing high-quality Construction and As-built documentation. 

TELEAUS’s expert engineers use sophisticated Physical Network Inventory (PNI) tools to build and manage network assets. PNI system provides a CAD-based platform to design fiber, HFC, and twisted-pair communications networks. 

We are trying to sustain and expand this growth with you.
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