Posted On : Jan 13, 2020

Teleaus recently started the NBNCO MTM network design project. Our engineering solutions bring together specialists in network design & capture. Engineering team provides the following core services:

Network design and architecture
Teleaus design teams have experience in working on NBNCO FTTX, HFC and Fixed, Wireless networks.

Support and consultation
Teleaus offers support and consultation for a range telecommunication network design and planning tools including Physical Network Inventory (PNI), Mentum Ellipse, Pathloss, Mapinfo and SpatialNet.

Network Integration
Essential network installations and Integration are many and varied, and Teleaus’s project managers engage local contractors to do the lot.

Typical installations include new transmission equipment on mobile towers, new household and business broadband connections, new or replacement electricity smart meters, solar energy panels, and energy-saving devices.